Rosanne Cash

10 Song Demo

 Rosanne Cash 11 tracks Released in 1996 Rock

  1. Price Of Temptation
  2. If I Were A Man
  3. The Summer I Read Collette
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 Rosanne Cash 10 tracks Released in 1990 Rock

  1. On The Inside
  2. Dance With The Tiger
  3. On The Surface
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King’s Record Shop

 Rosanne Cash 10 tracks Released in 1987 Rock

  1. Rosie Strike Back
  2. The Way We Make A Broken Heart
  3. If You Change Your Mind
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Rhythm And Romance

 Rosanne Cash 10 tracks Released in 1985 Rock

  1. Hold On
  2. I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me
  3. Never Be You
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Right Or Wrong

 Rosanne Cash 10 tracks Released in 1979 Rock

  1. Right Or Wrong
  2. Take Me, Take Me
  3. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
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Rosanne Cash

 Rosanne Cash 11 tracks Released in 1978 Folk, World, & Country

  1. Baby, We Better Start Turning ‘Em Down
  2. Take Me, Take Me
  3. So Fine
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