Joe Simon

Happy Birthday, Baby

 Joe Simon 7 tracks Released in 1979 Funk / Soul

  1. Happy Birthday, Baby
  2. I Still Love You
  3. I Wanna Taste Your Love
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Love Vibrations

 Joe Simon 9 tracks Released in 1978 Funk / Soul

  1. Love Vibration
  2. Can We Come And Share In Love
  3. Going Through These Changes
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Mood, Heart And Soul

 Joe Simon 10 tracks Released in 1974 Funk / Soul

  1. Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)
  2. I Would Still Be There
  3. Good Time Charle’s Got The Blues
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Mr. Right

 Joe Simon 8 tracks Released in 1985 Funk / Soul

  1. Mr. Right Or Mr. Right Now
  2. It Turns Me Inside Out
  3. My Best Was Good Enough
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No Sad Songs

 Joe Simon 11 tracks Released in 1968 Funk / Soul

  1. (You Keep Me) Hanging On
  2. My Special Prayer
  3. Long Hot Summer
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Simon Country

 Joe Simon 9 tracks Released in 1973 Funk / Soul

  1. Do You Know What It’s Like To Be Lonesome?
  2. Five Hundred Miles
  3. Woman Without Love
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