Jean Carn

Happy To Be With You

 Jean Carn 8 tracks Released in 1978 Funk / Soul

  1. There’s A Shortage Of Good Men
  2. Together Once Again
  3. (No, No) You Can’t Come Back Now
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Jean Carn

 Jean Carn 9 tracks Released in 1976 Funk / Soul

  1. Free Love
  2. No Laughing Matter
  3. I’m In Love Once Again
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Love Lessons

 Jean Carn 10 tracks Released in 1995 Jazz

  1. Don’t Stop Doin Whatcha Doin
  2. Make Love
  3. Good Thing Goin On
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Sweet And Wonderful

 Jean Carn 8 tracks Released in 1981 Funk / Soul

  1. Bet Your Lucky Star
  2. Don’t Say No (To Love)
  3. Sweet And Wonderful
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Trust Me

 Jean Carn 8 tracks Released in 1982 Electronic

  1. Steady On My Mind
  2. Don’t Let Me Slip Away
  3. Trust Me
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