Daniel Amos

Horrendous Disc

 Daniel Amos 9 tracks Released in 1981 Rock

  1. I Love You #19
  2. Hound Of Heaven
  3. Near-Sighted Girl With Approaching Tidal Wave
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 Daniel Amos 11 tracks Released in 1991 Rock

  1. Big, Warm, Sweet, Interior Glowing
  2. If You Want To
  3. Kalhoun
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Mr. Buechner’s Dream

 Daniel Amos 33 tracks Released in 2001 Rock

  1. This Is The One
  2. Mr. Buechner’s Dream
  3. The Author Of The Story
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The Revelation

 Daniel Amos 8 tracks Released in 1986 Rock

  1. Finale: Bereshith Overture
  2. Lady Goodbye
  3. The Whistler
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Vox Humana: The ¡Alarma! Chronicles Vol. III

 Daniel Amos 12 tracks Released in 1984 Rock

  1. Travelog
  2. (It’s The Eighties So Where’s Our) Rocket Packs
  3. Home Permanant
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