¡Viva La Cobra!

¡Viva La Cobra!

 Cobra Starship 11 tracks Released in 2007 Electronic

  1. The City Is At War
  2. Guilty Pleasure
  3. One Day, Robots Will Cry
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 Fangoria 17 tracks Released in 2007 Electronic

  1. Fantasmas
  2. Plegarias Atendidas
  3. Si Lo Sabe Dios Que Se Entere El Mundo
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…We Are Still Alive

 Latterman 10 tracks Released in 2007 Rock

  1. Water Mains At The Block’s End
  2. Mumbled Words And Ridiculous Faces
  3. “I Decided Not To Do Them”
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.Limbo Messiah

 Beatsteaks 11 tracks Released in 2007 Rock

  1. As I Please
  2. Jane Became Insane
  3. Sharp, Cool & Collected
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